{Maine Family Photographer}: Summer Vacation Family Photos

When you are vacationing in Maine, it’s smart if you also include time to do family photos. The Buchanans did just that, so between family gatherings and duck boat tours we hung out together in Portland.


Portland has so many spots that make for good photos, and there are ways to dodge the other tourists - even though it’s not always easy on a busy Summer day in Portland’s Waterfront!

I love the colors they chose, and the good mix of silly and …. well behaved :)

So, if you need a little inspiration for a Summer urban photo shoot with good smiles (seriously - note the lack of fake kid smiles!) and great outfits, please enjoy these images from my time with the Buchanan family…

Those eyes and smiles!

Those eyes and smiles!

I can’t remember what was so funny, but whatever it was it was worth it to have these smiles happen.

I can’t remember what was so funny, but whatever it was it was worth it to have these smiles happen.

I can’t get enough of this one.

I can’t get enough of this one.

haha! I love it when one of the siblings brings the silly.

haha! I love it when one of the siblings brings the silly.


And also this because it’s pretty funny……



{Personal}: An LOL Birthday

My niece recently had a birthday. She’s now 7. A few weeks ago there was a small celebration that involved photo booths, fashion shows, cupcakes, unicorns, all things LOL, a ridiculous amount of noise, and me somehow getting trampled by a bunch of giggling kids.

So, that was fun.


So once I got out of the trample pile, I was able to get back to the task of taking photos and watching my family try to navigate this level of energy with a birthday girl who doesn’t do well with loud noises. One friend decided it would be funny to have a food fight, so naturally I laughed and hoped it would happen for photo sake. But instead she just got frosting on her nose and giggled about that.


Eventually we went outside, they ran around, and had these handful of sweet moments that I’m glad my camera was there to witness/capture. These are the kinds of images that need to get printed. The snapshots of life and celebrations that you can look back at for years. I know they will want to remember who was there, how they looked (those missing teeth!), but also that very awesome jean jacket with those fantastic patches.

Photos! Or it didn’t happen. Right?

(Not really, I know. But PHOTOS so you can remember what happened :D )


So, this is not just a post about the niece having a birthday party, but a reminder to capture these moments in life (or hire a professional to do that so you can enjoy and be present) and the final piece of getting your photos printed! It’s important. For many reasons. But only having your life stories in photos on disks and hard drives and phones is not enough.

Trust me.

Friends. xo

Friends. xo

Happy Mother's Day from JBP!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you working hard and loving fiercely in the name of raising good humans! In my many years of photographing families, there are lots of great moments with moms, but here’s a few favorites I pulled after spending time with my mom today…


Thank you to all you moms out there who do what you do every day! And thank you for trusting me to be in your space with my camera, waiting to capture a hug, a laugh, a tear, or a moment of imperfection.

And to those who struggle on Mother’s Day for various reasons, I want you to know I am thinking about you as well.

If this is the year you want to get your family in front of my cameras, I am ready for you!

Family Photos:: Winter Fun with Jan Fam

The holidays are over, and a new year has begun. I like this time of year as a chance to regroup, reassess, maybe reorganize, and get ready for the year ahead. In the world of family photos, this time of year tends to be very quiet for me. But the thing is, family photos in the snow are actually really fun!

I know. Sounds crazy. But trust me. The only catch is snow day photo shoots are not for everyone. They are, however, great for the fun, silly, outdoorsy, or adventurous ones. And after we are done having fun in the snow, it’s a great excuse to hang out and do something warm and cozy back inside. Hot chocolate, baking, pj’s for the rest of the day… or grab the sleds and keep keep the outdoor fun going.

Jan and her girls, always up for whatever.

Jan and her girls, always up for whatever.

This year I got to hang out with Jan and her girls again. Lucky us, because it snowed the night before their shoot. So what started with pj’s and a photo-bombing cat, moved outside to the yard with fun, jumping, and laughter. Plus a color palette that had this photog nerding out a bit.

These colors!

These colors!


I’m not sure if it was the snow that had us laughing almost the whole time, or just how hilarious they all are when they are together. Either way, my cameras and I were loving it. The light was great, the fun was plentiful, and even the parking lot made for a good back drop because that is the magic of a fresh pile of snow (and most of the cars moved out of their normal spots for plowing).

It would have been easy to decide we should reschedule (except not really, considering the time of year). But we knew this would give us photos we haven’t gotten at our other sessions. I’m so glad we both agreed it was game on because we would not have gotten these images and these colors had we rescheduled.


So, I’m here to encourage you to schedule the photo shoot, not worry about the weather, and find a way to capture you and your people living and having fun together. Sounds like a great way to kick off 2019!

Sisters. xo

Sisters. xo

Family Photos: Zephyr's Family

Years ago I met and worked with Tricia, selling lip balms for a small company, and sharing life stories over daily lunches. Since then she has moved out of Maine, and now has this group of people to call family. And luckily I got to hang out with all three of them at the beach this Fall…

Zephyr, Tricia, and Merrill.

Zephyr, Tricia, and Merrill.

We met at the beach on a somewhat dreary day, but you know a little bit of rain looming in the air does not have to damper a child’s excitement to see the ocean.

I love watching kids get excited when the water hits their feet. As an adult I still love that feeling! Toes in the sand and cold water around my feet never gets old. Z definitely loved getting not just her feet but her legs in the ocean water.

Those curls!

Those curls!


Let’s also take a moment to give it up for Zephyr’s mom who made that adorable top she’s wearing. Perfect for a beach session, and looks great in color or black & white!

Thank you, Tricia, Merrill, and Zephyr for a fun(ny) family photo sesh!

Final goofy photo on the way back to the car. Adults with a little steam left, Z is now running on empty. I appreciate this honesty :)

Final goofy photo on the way back to the car. Adults with a little steam left, Z is now running on empty. I appreciate this honesty :)