On a cold winter day I took a photo of myself with chipped nail polish. Sort of an old school selfie.


Who is Judy beedle Photography?

So, you have found yourself here at the JBP website. WELCOME!

You will see the website broken into galleries based on what I specialize in:
• Portraits & Head Shots
• Family Photo Sessions
• Behind the Scenes (documentation for small     businesses,  film stills, creative projects)
• Events
• Everyday Life (personal work)

Please take a look around and feel free to get in touch about your upcoming photo project/photo needs!

A Little Background...

Back in 1980something I used to follow my friends around with my disc camera, and ride my bike to Kmart to drop off my film or pick up my prints. I would sneak through a hole in a fence and cut through the trailer park, for the big reward of prints in my hands.

In the 90’s I spent most of my days in darkrooms, both at Ithaca College, then as a printer in Portland, Maine. Hours spent in the dark, printing for others and then for myself, for the big reward of PRINTS in my hands (then in frames, on walls, in albums...).

My photo background has its roots in film and black & white printing. To this day I want my clients to understand the value of the printed image. A print in your hands carries more power and emotion than an image on a screen. These days you can have both, without sneaking through any fences.

Today my approach is to work from a place of honesty: Natural light whenever possible, documenting events as they unfold around me, posing and engaging when needed, laughing and having fun often, laying out clear expectations and not over manipulating images.

More info about JBP:
B.S. in Cinema & Photo, Ithaca College.
Salt Center for Documentary Field Studies.
Maine Media Workshops.

Snack lover | out loud laugher | fun Aunt | 80’s enthusiast | story teller | heart shade aficionado | Nikon | Mac | VW | happiest around water, with cameras, or on roller skates.

Based in Southern Maine, will travel for photos.