Everyday Life: Haircut time for the Niece

Photographing your life everyday has its challenges and also has its rewards. Thankfully, because it is meant to make you work on your craft, even on the days you don’t want to. So challenge accepted!

It rewards you with the moments you and your camera get to capture the fun, everyday stuff of people living and loving life.

Button feeling fancy with Maggie at Mimosa Salon.

Button feeling fancy with Maggie at Mimosa Salon.

The days I spend laughing and connecting with people are the days my camera and I look forward to the most. So, when the niece was getting her hair cut one day after school I decided to show up with my camera.

If you have been following any of my work you may know I’m a fan of this kid and love photographing her. But I also LOVE photographing people working with their hands. So, this was a winning combo for my camera and I.


In the world of photographing your life every day, sometimes it’s a challenge to be creative every day, to find new things and interesting ways to capture them. But the other challenge comes from the days when you photograph a lot and then have to pick just one.

A good problem to have, right? So, on this day when my niece laughed and chatted and watched herself in the mirror, I knew picking just one would be a real challenge. So, I decided a haircut with a 6 year old is blog- worthy stuff and that way I can ultimately share more than just one.

That Face.

That Face.


This was a good day in the world of 365 photo project life, but also in the world of being an awesome aunt. A fun ladies afternoon of laughing and photographing and seeing the Niece have fun and smile. Hopefully, Maggie and the crew at Mimosa Salon will let us do this again someday!