{Maine Lifestyle Photographer}: Behind The Scenes / Film Stills

I love being on set. I love the lights and the chords and and the light stands and all the gear weaving in with the humans working together in a bit of controlled chaos (but a few notches down from actual chaos). All working together to make something that will be seen either on the big screen or in your family rooms.


I love following the light to see what it can help me capture. And I love documenting people creating.


So, yes being on set and behind a camera is one of the things I love.


The images in this post were all taken on a shoot for The Campbell Brothers, on a sound stage in Portland, Maine where there was dry ice being used. I am not sure why I needed to mention that other than the fact that these images look a little different than some of my work because I guess dry ice (is that right? It may have been a smoke machine…) definitely give things a different look and feel than what I am normally photographing. And I like it.


There will definitely be more photos from other sets to share soon….

And as always, be in touch if you are in need of someone to document the behind the scenes moments of your business or project!

{Community} PortFringe 2019: Behind the Scenes

Fringe 2019. The Future is coming!


Are you familiar with a thing called Fringe? It’s a nation wide, few days long, public theater (but also NOT Theater) event and Portland’s version is called PortFringe. I am not a person who is comfortable on stage/in the spotlight, but I have been part of a few fringes (Thank you, Gentlemen’s Panel of Rock) as the photographer. This year I have been doing the photos for an upcoming production called Seance on a Tuesday Afternoon.

I love projects like this! One, because I love photographing people. And two, because I love capturing behind the scenes work. And that’s what Fringe is. A whole bunch of people working behind the scenes for weeks to get ready to bring their story to life for an audience.

Having worked with many of this crew before, I know they will deliver and you will not want to miss this!

Here a few photos I took during their recent rehearsal. If you look at these and think “what is going on here?!?” then you should go see one of their shows so you can find out. If you look at these and think these images are funny/interesting then you should also go see what happens. Either way, you clearly should get yourself to Fringe this year and see what all the hard work has created.


So, PortFringe kicks off this week and I urge you to get to as many shows as you can. You will be entertained, get out and see what the creative community is up to, AND the money from ticket sales is funneled back to the artists.

Go here for more about PortFringe.

Head on over to the SoaTA Facbook event page which will lead you to more awesomeness, info, and photos by me scattered throughout their social media.

Hope to see you at one of the shows!