{Maine Event Photographer}: Palm Springs Wedding

Once upon a time, I did photograph weddings. Then I decided it was time to break up with them. So, I say I don’t do weddings anymore…

But sometimes the right people can convince me to pack up the gear and show up to their wedding and work my way through a big life moment I know matters to them. Sometimes that happens twice with the same friends, the second time came with the promise of a trip to Palm Springs. A trip to California? How fast can I say yes?!?

Jamey & Kori’s California Wedding | Palm Springs Air Museum.

Jamey & Kori’s California Wedding | Palm Springs Air Museum.


So, these two fantastic humans first got married in my yard in Maine in a sweet ceremony with a small group of people. Then later it was wedding part two in the desert, at an air museum. Seriously. This ocean girl loved LOVED this background and light! Plus, I got to see these people I care about share their love with an even bigger group of people who love and support them.

So, I (pretty much) don’t do weddings anymore. Except every so often when things line up right and maybe I just can’t resist because I know it’s going to be just that awesome. And this wedding was!


Thank You, Jamey & Kori for being such important people in my life, for getting married TWICE, and for including me in such a big way both times!


{Maine Family Photographer}: Evie's Birthday Fun

Hello Saturday! Here we are, 16 of 21 days of blogging…. with these fun friends celebrating a birthday together at the beach.


Sometimes as humans we don’t do everything with the intention we originally set out with. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes things take longer than you planned. Sometimes a restaurant you love announces it’s going to close and your friends want to go while we still can, so the task that kept getting put off throughout the day ends up being pushed aside. Because honestly, time with the people who matter is often worth more than a blog post. So, ooooops I missed yesterday! But also… totally worth it!

Which brings us to yesterday’s post that is now today’s. These Friends. This time in their lives celebrating a birthday, laughing, playing, and being together before things in their lives shift. Before different schools and different activities set them off into opposite directions. Glad Evie’s mom had the foresight to realize this is a time and an event that needs to be photographed. For them.

The snapshots of friendship, of a warm evening together, of a slice of time in their lives. This was a photo shoot that hit all the points for me. Snapshots of friends, then just document as they hang out, laugh, be silly, and go to an arcade. Freedom to capture what was happening as it unfolded. No emphasis on trying to make the kids look perfect, but instead just capturing who they are now.

Yes please!

Sisters xo.

Sisters xo.

Photos with friends but of course a few with Mom as well.

Photos with friends but of course a few with Mom as well.


Sometimes after posing for a photo you just need to dance it out. Makes sense - there is a birthday to celebrate and there is still an arcade to get to and prizes to win and eventually cake to eat. I know it’s hard to contain all that excitement!

Sometimes a group photo turns into a mini mosh pit. I’m ok with that. :)

Sometimes a group photo turns into a mini mosh pit. I’m ok with that. :)


Thank you, Evie and friends for being so fun to follow around with my camera!

The next/ really the previous post contains the images from our time in the arcade. This was one heck of a birthday! Glad I got to be there with my cameras to document it.

{Maine Family Photographer}: Summer Vacation Family Photos

When you are vacationing in Maine, it’s smart if you also include time to do family photos. The Buchanans did just that, so between family gatherings and duck boat tours we hung out together in Portland.


Portland has so many spots that make for good photos, and there are ways to dodge the other tourists - even though it’s not always easy on a busy Summer day in Portland’s Waterfront!

I love the colors they chose, and the good mix of silly and …. well behaved :)

So, if you need a little inspiration for a Summer urban photo shoot with good smiles (seriously - note the lack of fake kid smiles!) and great outfits, please enjoy these images from my time with the Buchanan family…

Those eyes and smiles!

Those eyes and smiles!

I can’t remember what was so funny, but whatever it was it was worth it to have these smiles happen.

I can’t remember what was so funny, but whatever it was it was worth it to have these smiles happen.

I can’t get enough of this one.

I can’t get enough of this one.

haha! I love it when one of the siblings brings the silly.

haha! I love it when one of the siblings brings the silly.


And also this because it’s pretty funny……



{Maine Lifestyle Photographer}: Behind The Scenes / Film Stills

I love being on set. I love the lights and the chords and and the light stands and all the gear weaving in with the humans working together in a bit of controlled chaos (but a few notches down from actual chaos). All working together to make something that will be seen either on the big screen or in your family rooms.


I love following the light to see what it can help me capture. And I love documenting people creating.


So, yes being on set and behind a camera is one of the things I love.


The images in this post were all taken on a shoot for The Campbell Brothers, on a sound stage in Portland, Maine where there was dry ice being used. I am not sure why I needed to mention that other than the fact that these images look a little different than some of my work because I guess dry ice (is that right? It may have been a smoke machine…) definitely give things a different look and feel than what I am normally photographing. And I like it.


There will definitely be more photos from other sets to share soon….

And as always, be in touch if you are in need of someone to document the behind the scenes moments of your business or project!

{Maine Portrait Photographer}: Lifestyle Session for a Writer

I recently had the honor of spending time with Stephanie and photographing her for a second time. I photographed her a few years ago, then it was time for a new website and a shift in the look for her imagery so she contacted me again.

Stephanie Cotsirilos, writer | Portland, Maine.

Stephanie Cotsirilos, writer | Portland, Maine.

If I had my way she would need to re-do her website every year because I like hanging out with her, and I like listening to her ideas and figuring out together how to get the images that will work for this next step in her life. Her background in theater, law, consulting, and writing make her a person of many talents and multiple experiences. And I love being around that.


She took her life and her talents from NYC to Maine, and now lives, creates, and writes here. This time we used her home in Portland with its amazing light and pockets of color to showcase her and varying looks depending on what she needs for different forums and marketing pieces. You can see more at her new site here

So, thank you once again, Stephanie for trusting me to capture who you are, and for the lively conversation while we make it all come together!


{Maine Lifestyle Photographer}: A 365 Outtake

It’s past 8 pm and I haven’t gotten to today’s blog post.


The Niece and the Hubs getting ready to beat me at Hangman.

The Niece and the Hubs getting ready to beat me at Hangman.

But that’s what happens on a full day when you didn’t prep ahead of time. Or it’s just a reminder to get some things done early. I’ll try to remember that in the future.

No promises, though. :)

Today the niece and I sent some fun mail to some people who may not know it’s coming. We made things and wrote cards together, then headed to the post office with hopes of making some people smile. Yesterday the ankle injured hubs got his cast off, and is moving on to a boot with crutches, and then eventually walking again.

So, it’s been a productive few days.

I came home, sat down to blog, scrolled through some images, and chose this photo of these two. Seemed like the right fit after today’s goodness.

And now I’m going to crash because I feel that kind of tired where words are not coming easy…

{Maine Lifestyle Photographer}: Maine Roller Derby & Names on a Jersey

Roller Derby. A full contact sport on roller skates. So welcome to day 4 of blogging every day for 21 days as I celebrate these athletes and encourage you to do the same.


As you likely know, the US Women’s Soccer team won yet another World Cup this year. And you may have noticed a surge in people wearing jerseys with the names of their favorite soccer players on the back. I was loving reading about this, watching the inspiring videos, seeing the photos, and feeling the feels.

Progress for women in sports, when most of us know that women have been doing amazing things as athletes for years but rarely getting the seat at the table or the spot on the television. So, I’m here to remind you that right in your own backyard, whether that backyard is Portland, Maine or any other city wherever you may live, there is likely this awesome sport happening where unpaid athletes train hard and dedicate hours of their time to play a sport on roller skates and you can go cheer them on.

And maybe one day we’ll see kids walking around wearing jerseys with the names of their favorite roller derby player….


The images seen here were all taken this winter at Happy Wheels Skate Center in Portland, Maine and feature members of Maine Roller Derby. You can find more info about the league here

{Community} PortFringe 2019: Behind the Scenes

Fringe 2019. The Future is coming!


Are you familiar with a thing called Fringe? It’s a nation wide, few days long, public theater (but also NOT Theater) event and Portland’s version is called PortFringe. I am not a person who is comfortable on stage/in the spotlight, but I have been part of a few fringes (Thank you, Gentlemen’s Panel of Rock) as the photographer. This year I have been doing the photos for an upcoming production called Seance on a Tuesday Afternoon.

I love projects like this! One, because I love photographing people. And two, because I love capturing behind the scenes work. And that’s what Fringe is. A whole bunch of people working behind the scenes for weeks to get ready to bring their story to life for an audience.

Having worked with many of this crew before, I know they will deliver and you will not want to miss this!

Here a few photos I took during their recent rehearsal. If you look at these and think “what is going on here?!?” then you should go see one of their shows so you can find out. If you look at these and think these images are funny/interesting then you should also go see what happens. Either way, you clearly should get yourself to Fringe this year and see what all the hard work has created.


So, PortFringe kicks off this week and I urge you to get to as many shows as you can. You will be entertained, get out and see what the creative community is up to, AND the money from ticket sales is funneled back to the artists.

Go here for more about PortFringe.

Head on over to the SoaTA Facbook event page which will lead you to more awesomeness, info, and photos by me scattered throughout their social media.

Hope to see you at one of the shows!

{Personal}: An LOL Birthday

My niece recently had a birthday. She’s now 7. A few weeks ago there was a small celebration that involved photo booths, fashion shows, cupcakes, unicorns, all things LOL, a ridiculous amount of noise, and me somehow getting trampled by a bunch of giggling kids.

So, that was fun.


So once I got out of the trample pile, I was able to get back to the task of taking photos and watching my family try to navigate this level of energy with a birthday girl who doesn’t do well with loud noises. One friend decided it would be funny to have a food fight, so naturally I laughed and hoped it would happen for photo sake. But instead she just got frosting on her nose and giggled about that.


Eventually we went outside, they ran around, and had these handful of sweet moments that I’m glad my camera was there to witness/capture. These are the kinds of images that need to get printed. The snapshots of life and celebrations that you can look back at for years. I know they will want to remember who was there, how they looked (those missing teeth!), but also that very awesome jean jacket with those fantastic patches.

Photos! Or it didn’t happen. Right?

(Not really, I know. But PHOTOS so you can remember what happened :D )


So, this is not just a post about the niece having a birthday party, but a reminder to capture these moments in life (or hire a professional to do that so you can enjoy and be present) and the final piece of getting your photos printed! It’s important. For many reasons. But only having your life stories in photos on disks and hard drives and phones is not enough.

Trust me.

Friends. xo

Friends. xo

{Community} A Walk to Make a Difference: Red Storm Strikes Out Cancer Raises Money For the Maine Cancer Foundation

On a dreary day, people walked to help raise money for a cause. I went to support my brother, and stayed just for the photos of Thunder.

Spoiler: it’s my nephew in that mascot costume.


Red Storm Strikes Out Cancer has been walking and fundraising or the last 7 years (or maybe 8? 10?). I’m trying to dig for the info, and may need to clarify later - but either way for what seems like roughly the last decade of our lives my brother has created and organized a team at his school to participate in and raise money for Mary’s Walk and the Maine Cancer Foundation. Starting last year they moved the walk to the school, while still donating all the money to the Maine Cancer Foundation.

I missed last year’s walk, but my cameras and I were able to get there this year.

How could I miss it? Besides being for a great cause, my nephew was the school mascot and that made my camera’s day. But also, it was great to see all these young people taking time after school to be part of this and make a difference.

This makes me laugh every time.

This makes me laugh every time.

Thunder (the Neph) and my brother (creator of Red Storm Strikes Out Cancer and two time cancer survivor).

Thunder (the Neph) and my brother (creator of Red Storm Strikes Out Cancer and two time cancer survivor).

Ray from Maine Cancer Foundation came to the walk, and made a great speech reminding everyone how they are making a difference.

Ray from Maine Cancer Foundation came to the walk, and made a great speech reminding everyone how they are making a difference.

The niece thanked everyone for supporting her dad and so that made some people cry. Maybe.

The niece thanked everyone for supporting her dad and so that made some people cry. Maybe.

Waiting for everyone to finish the walk..

Waiting for everyone to finish the walk..

Here they come! The niece and Neph … I mean THUNDER are ready to greet all the walkers.

Here they come! The niece and Neph … I mean THUNDER are ready to greet all the walkers.

So, once again a community of people came together and proved that we can all make a difference. An idea can grow into an event and people will show support and donate their time and money in the name of helping each other /a cause / a neighbor/friend/teacher who needs a little extra boost or is trying to help others.

The odd positive spin of having cancer impact your own family so much. Which isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

xo ~ jb